An Artist’s Stroll Through Radcliffeborough

Laurie Meyer tells us about the moments that inspired her to paint several of the works from North of Calhoun.

1. Once a Dentist Office (Always a Dentist’s Office)

“This tiny white structure has caught my eyes for years, as it is located on Radcliffe St., near Jasper St., where we own property. The aqua trim on white wash seems to beg attention.  While on our photoshoot of the neighborhood, Katie and I had a memorable conversation with residents of the house next door.  They were proud to tell us that this historic structure was once a dentist’s office.

2. The Porgy House

“The green house caught our attention, and the diamonds painted on the clapboard told the story.  This was a Porgy House, one of several residences in Charleston that have important African-American history.   In the last act of the opera Porgy and Bess, houses with African designs are noted. In 2016, Porgy and Bess was performed along with the art, costume and set design of Charleston great Jonathan Green. We met the owner of this home as she weeded the garden in front.  We learned that the white house next door has been inhabited for 93 years by the same Charleston native!”

3. Five Loaves on Cannon

“On a quiet Sunday morning, Cannon Street was bustling with business!  Cafes, bakeries, and beads —   Birlants, Beads on Cannon, Sugar Bakeshop, the gorgeous Cannon Green, a recently restored home, now a BandB, and the iconic Fives Loaves Cafe are evidence that Cannon is no longer off the beaten path.”

4. Hour-Long Wait

“This staple southern-style restaurant is located at the corner of Rutledge and Cannon.  I’ve always been drawn to tall pink structure, and humbled to recreate the iconic mural by David Boatwright. Hominy Grill is known for it shrimp and grits, and I’ve never passed by when there wasn’t a line of patient people waiting to order them.”

What’s Happening at Meyer Vogl?

Through May 19
North of Calhoun: New Works by Laurie Meyer 

Artist Laurie Meyer is paying tribute to the neighborhoods north of Calhoun Street, specifially Radcliffeborough, Cannonborough, Elliotborough, which are currently undergoing rapid transformation. She’s bringing the soulful neighborhood to life by capturing the historic architecture, the restaurants, the people, and more.

Read a review of the show in Charleston City Paper here.


May 26 – June 11
Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Art Exhibit

Spoleto season is upon us!  Marissa Vogl and Laurie Meyer will return to their tents at Marion Square for 17 days. Be sure to visit them and see new works painted for the exhibit.

Home Away From Home by Marissa Vogl
12×12 oil on canvas