Between Me and Life
Don't Hide
Give Heart
Love of Oneness
Sea of Dream
The Real Me
Everything's Connected
Garden Queen
Sunflower Trio

About the Artist


I am a native of Charleston, South Carolina. My early artistic expression was through the lens of a camera where it was a passion to capture the unique expressions of the human spirit. That passion is still alive, but now through the paint brush, ink, and oils. I am most inspired when painting from observation of life and nature. I am in the third year of my MFA at The Art Academy University online. My classes have challenged and inspired me more than I ever imagined. I am in my fifth year of being a member of The Charleston Artist Collective. It has been a great experience to be with a local group of artists while also giving back to our community.



“My art expresses how I see the world; it expresses my attitude toward life. My intention is for my art to convey my unique sense of freedom, confidence, focus, self-discovery, and how I embrace the unexpected. With gestural lines, I start the process of self-expression, releasing my hand to guide the tools. The lines set the attitude of the next step. I follow with layers of color and shapes to express the richness of life. Each is an exploration and leads me to the next. As the composition builds, I start to find connections. These connections are like the weaving of yarn and relationships in my life. I see them more clearly as I get to know the painting. The pushing and pulling of the paint is a reminder of being flexible and patient. I am conscious of directing the movement and contrast to reveal the focus. I add colors that work in harmony.”