reclining, pink and green

About the Artist


Abstract expressionist painter Kate Long Stevenson was born and raised in North Carolina, and began her professional career while a student at The University of the South. Gestural brushstrokes and a passion for color are characteristic to all of her pieces, ranging from figurative paintings to wild abstracts. A life-long lover of music, Katie relies mostly on classical compositions to guide her as she builds a painting, layering chords of color over energetic swirls of charcoal and paint. "It's important to me that my paintings have a subject, despite how non-subjective some can seem. With my nude paintings, the figure is the vehicle that invites you to discover the true subject: the way it was painted. The abstracts have just skipped that introduction, altogether, but they're still about something--music, tempo, motion and emotion. It all comes from a feeling, but then the challenge is not only to translate that to the canvas but to have it make sense, compositionally." Katie lives and works in Charleston, South Carolina.