Carolina Chickadee
Do I Look Pretty?
Me and the Devil Blues
Picking Up Crumbs
Pretty In Red
Proudly Perched
Rainbow In A Storm
The Dance
What's For Breakfast
Crimson and Rose
Say What
Strike a Pose
All Is Splendid
Apple Blossom
Beautifully Detained
Brother Bird
Busy as a Bee
Colorful Greys
Cool Cardinal
Dance With Me
Dancing Shadows
Day at the Beach
Devil In Disguise
Don't Wait for Me
Evening Falls on Folly
Fly Higher
Garden Hat
Good Morning
Just the Two of Us
Light of Passage
Lost in a Good Book
Macho Man
Sand In My Toes
Say Goodnight
Seabrook Palms
Seductive Storm
Sitting Right Here
Sorbet On The Beach
Stand By Me
Sun Salutation
The Groundskeeper
Too Sexy For This Grass
Wetlands on Fire
When Fish Fly
Winter Marsh
You Be Me and I'll Be Me
The Charmer
Basil and Blooms II
Folly Winter
Sassy Thing
Endless Blooms
Exploring The Thicket
Park Trail
Garden Hat

About the Artist

  Marissa was born and raised in Montana where a love for the outdoors instilled an emotional connection to the landscape. She currently lives in Charleston, SC painting the marsh, children at the beach or tractors on a construction site. Her use of thick paint and bold brush strokes brings an emotional vitality into her work. Marissa studied graphic design / fine art at Montana State University. She has studied under artists such as Bill Davidson and Karen Hewitt Hagan. She has been recognized by Charleston Magazine as Artist of the month, July 2013 and Art Galleries and Artists of the South as Emerging Artist for the month of October 2014.

"I enjoy painting what I refer to as our Spirit Places. These are the places we go to when we feel our most energized, the strongest and the places that bring us the most joy. I have always been visually overwhelmed, painting is my way of putting into words the connection I feel to the landscape. If I can capture that energy and make a connection with the collector on an emotional level then I've created a successful painting."