All day ipa, 2016, by Anke Weyer
An Apron and a Kiss, 2017, by Jay Miriam
Deflating Beach Ball II, 2016, by Nevine Mahmoud
Eating Trash She Can Learn to Satisfy Herself Frazzled with Fear It's Just Asking for a Little Kiss Her Throat Swells Up and She Can't Speak (Desire is Dangerous, Say No), 2017, by Marissa Takal
Lettuces and Trout, 2016, by Daniel Gordon
Roses, 2016, by Alex Chaves
Shoreline, 2015, by Matthew Porter
Shalako Dancers, 2017, by Anne Wehrley Björk
The Shadow of the Sun, 2017, by Jay Miriam
Untitled, 2016, by Katherine Bernhardt
Butterflies, 2017, by Adrianne Rubenstein
With Shell, 2015, by Matthew Porter
Rinconada, 2017, by Anne Wehrley Björk