Get to Know (and Adore) Aimee Erickson

In celebration of her solo show Nocturnes, we chatted with the Portland painter about studio upgrades, favorite artists, and summer plans.

Meyer Vogl Gallery: As an artist and a teacher, you have a particular interest in what enables or inhibits our progress as artists. Can you tell us a little about this?!

Aimee Erickson: Oh, yes. I am very interested in the sweet spot where learning is easy and natural. I think we can foster an awareness of ourselves — where we are relative to our comfort zone of known skills — that can change how we learn.

MVG: Tell us about your studio.

AE: I’ve used my garage as a studio since I moved to this house 20 years ago. Last year, I jumped off the deep end and built a new studio with a 13-foot ceiling and better everything. It’s close to being usable, but it will be a while before I’m really settled again.

12×12 oil on panel

MVG: Give us a glimpse into a day spent painting. Any studio or plein-air rituals? 

AE: I’m a sideways painter. I don’t mind waiting. I tend to circle a bit till I get clear on what I want to do. It helps to pretend I’m not going to paint. There’s a lot of rearranging of things.

MVG: Your perfect day off: 

AE: It would involve a pool, and catering.

MVG: Artist(s) you admire, living:

AE: There are so many people painting really well right now! I can’t get enough of Alex Kanevsky. And Ann Gale. There are a handful of lesser-known painters who are friends of mine whose work I really like.

MVG: Artist(s) you admire, not living: 

AE: As much as I’d like to name someone obscure, I have to put John Singer Sargent near the top of that list every time.

MVG: Beside Meyer Vogl Gallery, in what other galleries/spaces can we find your work?

AE: Meyer Gallery in Santa Fe, Nancy Dodds Gallery in Carmel, and Vanessa Rothe Fine Art in Laguna Beach.

MVG: Summer plans? Or anything else exciting on the horizon?

AE: I have seven or eight more trips planned, including Easton, Sonoma, Laguna, and China, and in between I’ll most likely be doing more finish carpentry and painting of walls.

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