Here’s What We Want for Christmas & Hanukkah (In case anyone is asking…)

Katie’s pick:

Crazy Good by Laurie Meyer
36×48 oil on linen

“It’s called Crazy Good because that’s what I said (or, actually, shouted) when I first saw it. It should actually be called Incredibly-Amazingly-Awesomely-Best-Painting-Ever Good! It’s a must-see in person.” — Katie Geer, gallery director

Sara’s pick:

Couple by Sandy Ostrau
12×12 oil on canvas

“I love how Sandy uses color-blocking with these beautiful, textured shapes of different colors. It’s stunning and fun, but it doesn’t detract from the subject of the painting, the couple. Her use of texture is one of the most incredible elements in her paintings.” — Sara Burd, gallery associate

Marissa’s pick:

Ticket to Ride by Diane Eugster
20×16 oil on canvas

“She reminds me of myself in my 20s, when I left Montana to live in Vermont. From there, I got the bug to travel the U.S. and live in many other areas. I’ve lived in Phoenix, Denver, Vermont, Montana, and am now settled in Charleston. I’d love to sell my home and travel for a few years … maybe when my kids are grown.” — Marissa Vogl, artist and owner

Alex’s pick:

Impetus by Carrie Beth Waghorn
20×15 India ink on French cold press paper

“I love the versatile and simple look of Carrie Beth Waghorn’s work. Her use of black and white and the gold frame accentuate her modern figures. Perfect for any center piece or gallery wall!” — Alex Lindstrom, gallery associate and graphic designer

Debbie’s pick:

Crimson Field by Sandy Ostrau
36×36 oil on canvas

“There is a simplicity to Sandy’s work yet enormous depth. I appreciate Sandy’s unique style!” — Debbie Kelley, gallery associate

Jenna’s pick(s):

Lavender Spritz, Sangria Set, and Hint of Lime by Anna Sims King
oil and oil pastel on linen, 16×20 each

“My absolute favorite piece, or pieces, in the gallery right now is Anna Sims King’s trio of abstracts. They are stunning on their own, of course, but each one complements the others. Their names hint at the dominant color in each piece — vibrant hues that play off each other and suggest glowing sunsets or sunrises over our local landscape. I can picture this trio in a home on a white wall, inviting the collector’s eye to travel from one coastal scene to the next. Anna Sims King is magical!” — Jenna Ohlendorf, gallery associate

Laurie’s pick:

Beach Madonna by James Richards
40×30 oil on linen

“When I look at this painting, I see something new and surprising each time. The reconstruction of figures is exciting and full of kinetic energy.” — Laurie Meyer, artist and owner

Here’s What Your Loved Ones Want for Christmas & Hanukkah 

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