Lara A. Björk’s Art World

Björk is a private art advisor and the founder of Von Rudebeck Art Advisory in New York City. For the past decade, she has worked closely with leading contemporary art galleries, auction houses, private dealers, and institutions to establish relationships with a broadly spanning network of artists, collectors, art insurers, shippers, appraisers, framers, conservators, experts, foundations, and scholars.


You work in New York City as an art advisor. Can you tell us a bit about what that entails?

Being an art advisor is about being able to see art through another person’s eyes, temporarily putting one’s own taste aside. I build and manage private art collections for clients all over the world, so I am constantly traveling to fairs, galleries, studios, and auctions. My research is endless, and I have to see a lot of art and do a lot of pavement pounding to learn about new artists. Then I present my findings in a concise, easily digestible manner. 

Seeing artwork in person is totally different from seeing it via jpeg, but there is also more to art than just the aesthetic appeal. For example, to me, it’s important that the artists’ careers are being properly managed by reputable galleries. 

How did you go about selecting the artwork for Bicoastal?

I have watched these artists’ careers evolve and develop beautifully in recent years. Katie and I wanted the work to be contemporary but still meld well with the local and regional artwork found in Charleston. We also wanted to keep the price point approachable.

The photographers we chose have very interesting methods and practices, and the painters have a fresh approach to painting, whether figurative or abstract. We were also so pleased that Jay Miriam came to Charleston for the opening! Coming from Brooklyn, she wasn’t sure what to expect and wound up, as we all do, completely falling in love with the city.

Why Charleston as the location for the show? 

My family has had our house in Charleston since I was a baby. I spend probably a month here every year, and I have grown more and more curious of what the opportunity may be in terms of art collectors and the appetite for contemporary art. Going into the show, I fully realized that the work is very different than what one may expect walking into a Charleston gallery. But Charleston is a sophisticated, culturally rich, and diverse city, both in terms of locals and visitors, and the show has been very well received. The positive feedback has been very encouraging.  

Your mother is an artist. How has this helped shape your career and involvement in fine art? 

Being heavily involved in my mother’s career as an artist has very much informed my approach to my advisory work and to the art world in general. Knowing and seeing an artist’s struggles and successes firsthand has given me a sensitivity to the artist behind the work (which many people on the commercial side don’t experience and sadly become detached from). Understanding this very important other side of the business keeps me connected with the real reason that we love and buy art  for the sake of great art and to support the artistic expression. 

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