Say Hello to Generation Z Yellow

In the design world, colors go on and off trend all the time. As Millennial Pink gently fades away, a bright bold yellow is taking her place: Generation Z Yellow. This cheery hue demanded attention in 2016 when Beyoncé wore that iconic marigold Roberto Cavalli dress for her Lemonade video. After the video aired, yellow skirts, dresses, and tops could be found in stores and online. The color’s popularity in the fashion industry has grown and seems to have touched every area of pop culture, from sunglasses, dresses, and swimsuits to Instagram feeds.

Gen Z yellow is “somewhere between marigold and the shade of French’s mustard,” according to Vogue. But we’re seeing many shades of yellow popping up — lemon, banana, buttercream, daffodil, and more. The last time Pantone featured a shade of yellow as their Color of The Year was in 2009 with Mimosa.

One of the reasons this color is so eye-catching? Yellow is the most visible color on the spectrum to the human eye. Yellow was also one of the first colors used in art history. The Lascaux cave in France has a yellow ochre horse on the wall, painted over 17,000 years ago. The color represents joy, optimism, celebration, and pleasure.

We’re seeing it in the gallery, too. Here are a few new works that embrace yellow:



Written by gallery associate Sara Burd