Southern Son: Works by James Richards

Carriage Tour, II
48×48 oil (54×54 framed)

Born and raised in rural Georgia, James Richards spent the days of his youth exploring the farms, fields, and forests of his hometown.  Driven by a passionate connection with nature and a deep sense of obligation to relay his vision in the most truthful manner possible, he began painting at a very young age; by the time he was a young adult living in Athens, GA, he had already won numerous awards for his pieces.

James has spent years studying the nuances of paint and developing a keen sense of understanding and control over the medium.  He is now regarded as one of the top oil painters and instructors in the country. 

Many of the works in this show are from the Georgia native’s visits to Charleston and its surrounding coastal towns. 

The Basket Weaver
24×30 oil (34×40 framed)
Beach Madonna
40×30 oil (44×34 framed)
Coastal Clutter
12×16 oil (20×24 framed)
Old Mount Pleasant Morning
12×16 oil (20×24 framed)
Child’s Play
36×48 oil (40×52 framed)
Summer Fun
30×40 oil (34×44 framed)
Chillin Out
5×7 oil (11×13 framed)
Shrimper’s Sunset
10×8 oil (16×14 framed)
24×30 oil (34×40 framed)
The Sunbathers
16×20 oil (22×26 framed)
French Cafe
24×24 oil (30×30 framed)