The Greatest ‘Secret Santa’ Ever?!! 

What would artist Anne Blair Brown give James Richards for Christmas? And what would Kate Long Stevenson give Dorothy Shain?

In the spirit of the holidays, Meyer Vogl Gallery orchestrated its very own (hypothetical!) Secret Santa. Each gallery artist was assigned another artist from the gallery and was asked, “If you could give him or her one work from the gallery, what would it be?”

Here’s what they picked:

From Laurie Meyer — to Anne Blair Brown
Afternoon in Cassis by James Richards

From Anne Blair Brown — to James Richards
Sweet Dreams (her own work). “He is a cat freak like me.”

From James Richards — to Quang Ho
Weekend Chores (his own work). “Quang taught me to see the essence of light.” 

From Marissa Vogl — to Holly Irwin
Retro by Ed Vogl (Ed is Marissa’s father)

From Holly Irwin — to Anne Wehrley Bjork
Abstract VI by Kate Long Stevenson

From Anne Wehrley Bjork — to Paul Ferrari
Untitled, 2016 (her own work)

From Paul Ferrari — to Anne Darby Parker
Photographer (his own work) 
“Anne started out as an artist behind the lens as a photographer.”

From Anne Darby Parker — to Kate Long Stevenson
Garden Angel (her own work)

From Kate Long Stevenson — to Dorothy Shain
Content by Anne Darby Parker

From Dorothy Shain — to Anna Sims King
Morning by Paul Ferrari

From to Anna Sims King — to Ed Vogl
Steelworker by Paul Ferrari
“Who wouldn’t love this painting?”

From Ed Vogl — to William Warlick
Still Life With Blue Cup by Aimee Erickson  

From William Warlick — to Diane Eugster
Healthy Choice (his own work)


From Diane Eugster — to Aimee Erickson
Decided by Holly Irwin. “It has a wonderful energy and rich texture.”

From Aimee Erickson — to Bill Davidson
Still Life With Blue Cup (her own work). “Merry Christmas, Bill!”

From Bill Davidson — to Marissa Vogl
His own work

From Katie Geer (gallery director) — to Laurie Meyer (her mother!)
Young Dancer by Quang Ho