Who’s Your Favorite She?

To celebrate “SHE,” our current exhibition of female figurative works, we asked a few special women around town a question: “Who is your favorite female art icon or character of all time?”

Here’s what they told us:

Francoise and Pablo (1)

Françoise Gilot

“Pablo Picasso’s muse and mother of their two children; she is also an artist in her own right as well as a literary critic, bestselling author and award-winning designer. I adore the artistic portrayal of Ms. Gilot by Picasso during the ten years they were together. She and their two children were the subject of many well-known works by the artist. While she was a fantastic muse – one can also sense the love and admiration he had for her, both as a lover and the mother of his children.” — Bess Lee, owner of Lola & Bess




Cindy Sherman

“For her gloriously creepy work that occupies dual roles of both creator and subject. Sometimes even object.”  — Stacy Huggins, editor of The Art Mag




Martha Graham

“I’ve always loved Martha Graham, mother of Modern dance, for her DGAF attitude about challenging norms/ expectations and being true to herself and opinions on classical dance.” — Anna Sims King, artist




Fern Arable

“I would have to say Fern of Charlotte’s Web.  I guess it’s because I have a 6-year-old daughter.”  — Leigh Limehouse, director of Anglin Smith Fine Art



Georgia O’Keefe 

Betty Anglin Smith, artist 


Janis Joplin

“She kinda did her own thing in a man’s world. She didn’t rely on her looks or femininity, she did what was true and authentic to her. She is probably admired as much for her passion as she is her talent. And all her success came to her in just 27 short years.” — Anne Siegfried, director of The George Gallery


Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly

Marissa Vogl, artist 


Andy Warhol’s Grace Kelly

— Janet Gregg, jewelry designer


The Spanish Gypsy dancer from John Singer Sargent’s “El Jaleo”

Laurie Meyer, artist

Who’s YOUR favorite “she”?