Mixing Colors with Laurie Meyer

Not sure about you, but we could listen to Laurie Meyer talk about colors all day! She is our queen of color theory. Laurie has a knack for choosing just the right pop of color to add to her gorgeous works, so we thought we’d share some of her color genius with you.


“Here are two violets made with ultramarine blue. The first is with Cad Red Lt-a red with a bend toward orange. This mixes to a more neutral gray/violet. The second is mixed with a cool red, quinacridone red, and mixes to a purer, more spectral violet which can bend red/violet to blue/violet depending on the balances of red and blue.”


“Yes, blue and yellow make green, but it’s the modulating of this secondary color that provides an amazing array of natural greens. The first is modulated with violet and the second is with red. Add white to cool or yellow to warm.”


“Grays can be fun to mix! Complementary colors are a great way to get started. Here I chose a red and a green to get the neutral I used in a landscape.”