Garden Party: A Series Of Abstract Florals By Marissa Vogl

Garden Party features large abstract floral paintings by Marissa Vogl. “Florals flow from me with such joy," Vogl says. "I am so excited for this show! I want to take the audience on a journey through a tunnel of light and petals, a magical garden experience. I’ve always focused on fresh, vibrant colors, and now it’s time to bring light and color together. “

The inspiration for this show was also partly born from Vogl’s green thumb. “I love to dig in the dirt and collect new plants for my garden. I'm always learning what flowers will attract different species of birds and butterflies. Nothing is cooler than spotting hummingbirds outside of your window exactly as planned," she says.  In addition to florals, the exhibition will feature Vogl’s coveted bird paintings and other garden-inspired work.


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