Love Story: Group Exhibition

LOVE STORY: A Group Exhibition
June 4 - 25, 2021
Opening Celebration: Saturday, June 5; drop in from 11am to 4pm
For Love Story, six artists -- Anne Blair Brown, Diane Eugster, Kathleen Jones, Laurie Meyer, Andrew Portwood, and Carlos San Millán, have each created a series of paintings that pay homage to one subject they keep coming back to, something that lights a little fire inside every time they paint it; their own personal love story. 
"It's been a year of loss and heartache and fury. At the same time, it's been a year of renewed devotion to the things that matter most to us," says director and co-owner Katie Geer. "With Love Story, we wanted to -- simply enough -- put some love out into the world. Each artist was asked to share their own personal 'love story' from the studio."
Laurie Meyer's subject of choice? "My love story is with the organic and natural landscape of the Lowcountry of South Carolina. I find it most beautiful when backlit by the sunrise. Spanish Moss just glows and warm light wraps around the oaks and cedars. I look at it both abstractly and literally to create a variety of interpretations." 
For Eugster, it's the country girl. "She is the very embodiment of hard work, self sufficiency, honesty, and family values," she explains. Kathleen Jones has chosen the vessel, explaining that she "keeps coming back to them because I love not only exploring vessels as still life objects, but as containers for myself in any given moment." Brown is focusing on "awnings and umbrellas," while San Millán pays homage to his friend's studio in Spain. He says, "One of my most beloved subjects has always been the old studio and house of my friend Antonio Herrera, on La Reina Street in Madrid. When I first got there, I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere of that place. I haven't found it anywhere else: the light, the apparent mess, the smell of paint... I'm never tired of painting those rooms over and over again."