Pink Street

At the corner of Meeting and Queen Streets in downtown Charleston are four buildings — an antique shop, a hotel, a law firm, and an art gallery. Three of these buildings, though different in many ways, share a common characteristic: They are pink. The fourth, non-pink building is us: the art gallery. We are Meyer Vogl Gallery, and our building is not pink.


"In March, we’ll fill the gallery with brilliant splashes of pink to pay homage to our rosy little intersection," says gallery director Katie Geer. For the group exhibition Pink Street, we have tapped three gallery artists to play with pink: Marissa Vogl, Anne Blair Brown, and Carrie Beth Waghorn. The exhibition will include Vogl’s abstract paintings, tinged with shades of pink; Brown’s brushy work, all glowing with pink underpainting; and Waghorn’s black-and-white figurative work, enhanced with slight but powerful pops of pink.