Raw: Abstract Works by Marissa Vogl, Sandy Oustra, Susan Altman, and Laurie Meyer

On Friday, March 3, Meyer Vogl Gallery will be going abstract, debuting new works by Charleston artists Marissa Vogl, Susan Altman, and Laurie Meyer, as well as California painter Sandy Ostrau. This will be Ostrau’s first time to show her work in Charleston.

The exhibition, called Raw, features oil paintings that capture the artists’ raw emotion. So often, that’s what painting abstractly is all about — tapping into a mental state (be it joy, anger, complacency, confidence) and channeling that emotion through color, shape, and texture.

“For me, the joy of painting is in the process,” says Vogl about her body of work for the show. “But the process is complicated. This work is about exploring the process with confidence.”

She goes on to explain, “There are two types of confidence in my mind. That blind, ‘ignorance-is-bliss’ type of confidence. And then the well-earned, ‘live-and-learn,’ quiet confidence. I hope this series exudes the type of confidence earned and learned. At this point in my life, today, I feel confident enough to simplify my inspiration down to simple shapes and color with enough patina to expose a raw beauty.”

An opening reception will be held on Friday, March 3, from 5 to 8pm, coinciding with the Charleston Gallery Association Art Walk.

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