Terrarium: Group Exhibition

November 6 - 27


The florals in Meyer Vogl Gallery’s upcoming group show Terrarium are not so much flowers growing in nature but instead potted plants, vases of flowers, bouquets. The artists — painters Stanley Bielen, Anne Blair Brown, Kathleen Jones, and Melanie Parke — are bringing the outside in and reflecting on the opportunity to nurture and nourish. In the terrariums we create, we are able to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes and, in turn, grow — and then ultimately enjoy the plants’ beauty.


“I wanted to explore not only the plants and flowers that we bring into our homes, but the vessels that we put them in and the spaces they inhabit,” says Jones. “My work focuses on interior spaces that we spend time in, both past and present, and the details that make those spaces special to us.”


Brown adds, “In this period of quarantine, I have used the time to connect with my immediate surroundings on a deeper level. Simple moments in time that might have been overlooked now become more important and cherished. My paintings for this show were painted with a grateful heart and an appreciation for everyday beauty.”