Marissa Vogl



Marissa Vogl

Marissa Vogl was born and raised in Montana where a love for the outdoors instilled an emotional connection to the landscape. She currently lives in Charleston, painting the marsh, children at the beach, tractors on a construction site, or her abstract interpretations of these scenes or how they make her feel. Her use of thick paint and bold brushstrokes brings an emotional vitality into her work. She is co-owner of Meyer Vogl Gallery. 


ARTIST STATEMENT "I enjoy painting what I refer to as our spirit places. These are the places we go to when we feel our most energized and the strongest, and the places that bring us the most joy. I have always been visually overwhelmed; painting is my way of putting into words the connection I feel to the landscape. If I can capture that energy and make a connection with the collector on an emotional level, then I've created a successful painting."

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